Mobile applications

We enable your costumers to surf safely

Two thirds of smartphone users are using their phones instead of their computers to surf the Internet. Your customers do too!

Today there are more than 1.5 billion smart phones in usage worldwide. Every day daily business is carried out on smart phones and other mobile devices. In many cases these include financial transactions such as shopping or banking. Due to the ‘Internet of Things’ applications and transmission techniques, e.g. Near Field Communication, are changing. High safety standards and intuitive designs are required for all of these.

Our offer

Our company’s origin is in IT services for the banking and stock exchange industry. This means that we have been experts in safety and security for over 10 years and adhere to the highest standards. When developing mobile applications up to 90 % of the project services are completed at our site in Prague. For you this means that you will receive extraordinary quality for an extraordinarily reasonable price.