Our services

We strive to provide the highest value to our clients

Our motivated and well-educated employees are skilled in all current technologies and operating systems. Our young professionals are regularly recruited from the graduates of informatics studies from universities in The Czech Republic and other countries worldwide.

Thus we are able to offer you the entire range of IT services:

  • Demand analysis,
  • Software development,
  • Software maintenance,
  • Software support.

You can choose between two team models according to your requirements and needs which will improve your efficiency and flexibility.

The “dedicated team model” focuses on long-term cooperation with scalable capacities.

The “project team model” is recommended when it comes to carrying out a project as cost effective as possible or providing focused IT support.

Our Approach

Your satisfaction is our main priority. We deliver measurable quality and follow the highest safety standards and employ proven methods such as the V-model or the scrum model.

Communication is critical for successful cooperation and for maintaining control of the project. We provide reliable and efficient communication channels via telephone, video conferences and instant messaging as well as project documentation and controlling. This infrastructure guarantees that we fit in seamlessly and become part of your company’s team. Thanks to Prague’s proximity and great transport connections an on-location work at your company is possible anytime.

Our projects

We carry out projects for a wide variety of industries. For financial service providers we have created a special unit. Our projects normally range between 100 and 5,000 man-days and can last from one month, up to one year or more.

Our offer

“Think big, Start small”: We suggest you try us out and if you are satisfied we can extend our partnership.

Depending on the service we can bill you using a fixed price, a monthly model, a milestone model or an expenditure model. In order to do so we – you and our business managers and technical specialists – can agree a customizable service contract.